About Us

High Mountain Farms has been bringing our customers in the High County fresh, locally grown,  conventional, non-GMO, and heritage grains for the past 7 years.  We are now proud to be able to offer some of those products to you online.

Brian grew up on the tobacco, beef cattle and hay farms of both grandfathers here in the high country of North Carolina and Southwest Virginia. His love of the land was instilled in him from an early age. He remembers planting a large garden with his grandmother and grandfather Chatham. He knew from a young age he wanted to work with the land and outdoors. After obtaining a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, he began working on farms and ranches all across the U.S. Doing wildlife management work on these farms, he was in contact daily with agricultural operations. Tillage, spraying, planting, and harvesting of grains and forage crops, were the common activities and being involved, renewed his love for farming.

The drought of 2007-2008 forever changed his life when a small patch of grain corn he had grew for the wildlife, was purchased from him by a local beef cattle farmer for silage.  He took the profit and began buying equipment and renting more land. Those 7 acres have now turned into over 500 acres of crops.  With all of these opportunities opening in his farming career, he pursued a M.S. from CSU and also classes from NCSU. He has served on local, regional, state and national boards and is a very proud advocate of agriculture. He is passionate about his work and has even tried and succeeded at growing crops that are not typically grown in the mountains of North Carolina. He is always thinking outside the box and stays on top of agricultural technology and trends. His motto is “Farm Smarter not Harder.”

Sonya has just started farming in the past few years.  Her background is in education and she enjoys working with children.  She enjoys meeting customers and helping them find the correct produce for their cooking needs.  She is always looking for new and interesting items to grow to meet the needs of the  farms customers.  Sonya was just awarded a Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture grant funded in part by Heifer International to increase vegetable production on the farm.