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You Are My Sunshine

Now that we have gotten some sun the veggies are really starting to pop.


The peas, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes are all blooming.  We have some tomato plants that have tripled in size just in the past week.

It’s amazing how quickly things are changing and growing.


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Farm Tour Update

We had a great time yesterday on our Farm Tour.  We started at the house looking at tomatoes and the chickens.  We also showcased some of our equipment at this site.

Our second stop was at the organic site of our operation – Gentry farm.  This is where we discussed our joint popcorn venture with Mountain Popcorn Girls and our butternut squash we are growing for baby food.

Our 3rd stop was to Silver Creek.  This is the hub of our farm operation.  Here we got to showcase our veggies and corn operations.


Our last stop was to 163 where we discussed our rice research and sunflowers and wildflower operations for the bees.


It was an awesome day and we appreciate all of you who attended.

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Chickens….We have chickens!!!!

I have wanted chickens for a long, long time, but our highly trained bird dogs have kept us from getting them.  I personally think that there is nothing better than fresh eggs.  A friend of mine from Boone asked me to go in on an order of chicks with her. She knows how badly I have wanted to have chickens.  I told her I would talk with Brian and let her know.  I’m not sure if Brian was distracted, tired of me asking or just having a weak moment, but he said, “sure, if you can find a way to make it happen.”  That was all I needed.  We are now the proud owners of 22 chicks.  We have 11 Australorp, 5 Americanas, 6 Easter Eggers and 2 Sapphire Gems (there were an impulse buy.  I mean who doesn’t want a purple chicken!) Brian did a great job of converting a shed type building at our house and built an amazing one of a kind coop.  We are enjoying watching our girls.  They are hilarious.  So, look for blue, green, pink and brown eggs coming your way in July!


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What a Day!!!!


So we began the day with CSA delivery.  Who knew that garlic scapes would be such a hit?  Our customers couldn’t have been more happy.

Then it was load the car and head to Wilkes for our daycare pop up.  It was a hit.  The students were so sweet and begged their parents to buy them veggies.  The snap or pop peas as one little boy called them sold out in 30 minutes.  The cherries were also a big hit.


Brian is finishing up planting.  SO…. all is good!  We are tired, but happy.  Veg on!!!!



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It’s finally here. The day we’ve all been waiting for – our first CSA day.  I can’t wait for the deliveries to happen tomorrow.  Check out our first newsletter to see what is going on.

Lots going on at the farm – planting and picking.  Hard to keep up.  Hope you enjoy the pics.  

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So, This is Mothers Day….

So, Mother’s Day is a mixed blessing here at High Mountain Farms.   Brian’s mom is a real blessing to us and helps us in ever way imaginable.  Sonya’s mom passed away from cancer way too young and Sonya feels like that most days as a mother she is barely hanging on doing the best she can with 2 teenagers.  But, this year who had time to ponder much about the meaning of the day???? Not us!  Way too many veggies to plant!!!!


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Congratulations Brian

Hello Brian and Congratulations!

I hope this email finds you well!  I’m excited to let you know that you have been nominated and selected as one of CEFS 2017 Local Foods Heroes! This is our way of showing appreciation for all the work you do in your efforts to create a more equitable food system for ALL people by providing fresh foods to our youth and the institutions committed to serving them healthy, nutritious, locally sourced food that will help them thrive! We want you to know your passion and commitment doesn’t go unnoticed.
So excited for Brian and the farm.  Wonderful opportunity.